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Welcome to Traditional Shitokai Karate Do Association

Shihan George TanWelcome to this site, where you will find the most up to date of events, technical notes and developments of the asssociation. This site is dedicated to enhancing the development of Shitoryu style of Karate.

Karate is a form of Self Defense, exercise and for spiritual development.

All are welcome to come train with us. Our focus is on traditional karate where the main objective is self defence. Too much emphasis on sports erode the true meaning of karate.

It should be reminded that Karate in Sports is only a game of winning or losing but the true value of Karatedo is really the Art of Self Defense.

TSKA is a registered body with the Commissioner of Sports in Malaysia on 13th September 2005 under the Registration No: 1585/2005.

More shall come as we go along! Do check for updates from time to time.

1. Upcoming Grading at Honbu Dojo is 12 January 2020, 10am followed by Senior Training at 1pm.

2. Some photos from our recent SKA 55th Association Anniversary Seminar in the photo section.



There is a small adjustment to the training fees beginning January 2018. Please refer to your respective dojo Senseis.

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Announcing our affiliate dojo in Singapore New Honbu Dojo in Civil Sports Club in Tessensohn Road, Singapore. Photos at Photo Gallerie.


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Self Defence Tips to break free from a BearHug - Click here.

You may watch it under the video clips

We will share with you simple self defence techniques adapted from Shito Ryu's rich collection of Kata. Simple and practical for all even ladies!


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