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T.S.K.A. Instructors

Renshi George Tan (8th Dan)

Renshi George has been learning Karate for well over 43years. He was the past President of Asia Pasific Shitoryu Karate Federation as well as Honorary Life president of this association.

He started ShitoRyu Karatedo  in the year 1970 and have been awarded 7th Dan on 10th October 1994 by JKF Shitokai Officials in Tokyo. Shihan have also gone through the Shihan exam in 2006 in Japan and officially recognised by WSKF with the " Shihan" status after passing the earlier Jokyo(2003) and Jun-Shihan(2004) exams. Currently Renshi George is the only 8th Dan holder in Asia (outside Japan).

 The first Malaysian to publish a " ShitoRyu " book in September 2006 under ISBN No: 983-43243-0-8.

Amongst his other achievements were:
Malaysian National Team for:
APUKO - Jakarta 1981
WUKO - Taichung 1982
APUKO - Nagoya 1983
WUKO - sydney 1986
APUKO - Jakarta 1988
SEA Games- Jakarta 1989.

Sensei Sunny Tan (4th Dan)
Deputy Chief Instructor of TSKA.

Sensei Krishnan (6th Dan, WSKF, Jokyo Shihan)

Sensei Wan Ozairi (5th Dan, WSKF; Jun Shihan)
Sensei Ong Gek Guan (4th Dan)
Sensei Teh Yam Kong (4th Dan)
Sensei Hadi Raimee (3rd Dan)
Sensei Loo Shu San (3rd Dan, WSKF)
Sensei Alan Chong (2nd Dan, WSKF)
Sensei NurHafez (2nd Dan, WSKF)
Sensei Chai Hui Ling (2nd Dan)

Black Belters Registered with APSKF.


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