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Joint Training between T.S.K.A & M.A.S.K under M.U.S.K Effort

The Proposed date: 16 Jan 2011

Proposed Venue: Kampung Pandan Sports Complex (10a.m.)

Please check for updates from time to time or call your senseis for more information.


FORMATION OF M.U.S.K (Malaysian Union of ShitoRyu KarateDo) - 22 Oct 2010

The Objective: 2 Shito-ryu Associations (T.S.K.A & M.A.S.K) have agreed to form a Union to represent Malaysia as ONE body in the A.P.S.K.F and W.S.K.F

The Shared Vision: The Union comprising of the 2 Associations will promote and develop ShitoRyu in Malaysia as taught by Sensei Kenei Mabuni and the Shitokai of Japan.

M.U.S.K. Executive Committee ( 2009-2011)

President:  Ramakrishnan ( MASK) V-President: Hong Li Peng (TSKA) Secretary General : George Tan ( TSKA) Asst. Sec-General: Loh Kar Yoong (MASK) Treasurer  : John Choong (MASK) Asst. Treasurer: S. Krishnan (TSKA) Committee Members: Fadhil (MASK)  & Sunny Tan (TSKA)

Photo taken on 12 July 2009, during the inaugural meeting of the Union Formation.


Date: 22 Feb 2009 (Sunday)
Time: 9am-4pm, (Lunch is served at 1230noon) Participants are advised to come at 830am for briefing.
Venue: Honbu Dojo, Taman Melawati.
Person to contact: Wan Ozairi and registration is Free!. ( Participants must bring their own gloves and mouth guard.)

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Congratulations to Sensei Krishnan and Sensei Wan Ozairi for having passed their Dan Grading held in Singapore recently conducted by Sensei Mooroka, Sensei Arai, Sensei Sakamoto from World Shito Kai Federation together with Sensei George Tan, Sensei Wong and Sensei Kawata from APSKF.

Newspaper Article - Star Metro 20 Feb 2006


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