President of TSKA

Wan Ozairi

Wan Ozairi - President of TSKA

Traditional Shitokai Karate Do Association (TSKA)

Welcome to TSKA’s official website and thank you for visiting.

I would like to take this opportunity to share a brief introduction about our association and more details are available as you continue to browse on the click options.

Established in 2005, Traditional Shitokai Karate Do Association or TSKA practices the Shitoryu style by focusing on traditional karate values such as discipline, perseverance and respect. Our objective is to promote the development of karate as it continues to evolve.

Registered with the Commissioner of Sports, we currenty have more than 50 black belts who either are active or non active, and our dojos/ training centers are primarily within the Klang Valley area.

Though we are not the oldest karate association to date in Malaysia, but we are well connected. We are affiliated to the Asia Pacific Shitoryu through the Malaysian Union of Shitoryu Karate Do and recognized by the World Shitoryu Karate Federation. The connection allows us to participate and involve in local and international events which is beneficial for our members.

We also would like to hear from you should you want to know more about TSKA. The website is one platform you are able to engage with us and you also have the option to go to our FB page

Social media is rapidly influencing our way of engagement and TSKA feels that its important to stay connected with more contents sharing to the karate enthusiast.

Finally, we hope that you are able to find our website useful and navigate to your purpose. As a representative of TSKA, I encourage you to join our training. It’s never too late to start learning or coming back from a long hiatus.



The founder (Ryuso) of karate-do Shito-ryu, Kenwa Mabuni was born on November 14, 1889 in Shuri, Okinawa. He belonged to the 17th generation from one of the bravest warriors of Ryukyu kingdom Kenio Oshiro. Kenwa Mabuni himself was a physically weak child; however, his family members often told him stories about his famous ancestors and he dreamed of becoming physically controlling. At the age of 13, Kenwa was accepted as a student at the school of the famous karate-do master Anko Itosu, who lived in Shuri. Kenwa Mabuni trained every day, even during typhoons, and within seven years he learned the art of Shuri-karate or Shuri-te.

What We Offer
Karate For All

Emphasizes on self-development through virtues, perseverance and confidence.

Health & Fitness

Combination and variation of training to ensure participants burn calories in a safe training setting.


Participate in sports through kata and kumite events to enhance personal development.

Traditional Aspects

Preserving the traditional culture and essence in karate training in a modern setting.


Our Senseis

Renshi George Tan

Founder and Life President of TSKA

Sensei Wan

Available Dojo : 3

Sensei Krishnan

Available Dojo : 2

Sensei Sunny Tan

Available Dojo : 1


Senpai Hong

Senpai Chew Eng Chuan

Senpai Hong

Senpai Hong

Senpai Jack Chang

Senpai Jack Chang

Senpai Rajeev Sharma

Senpai Rajeev Sharma