Kickstart SD belt examination 2021

Due to the COVID situation, we have not been able to properly conduct the grading the past almost two years.

Because of the slightly relaxed SOP, we were finally able to conduct a grading test at our newest sister dojo, Kickstart SD at cyberjaya.

The exam was conducted by Sensei Wan, Sensei Firdaus, and assisted by Senpai Jack and Senpai Hong. Students from both Kickstart SD and Combat Lab attended this exam.

Here are some of the many photos contributed by a friend!

Setting up for the grading and organizing the students by batches
Panel of invigilators; Sensei Wan and Sensei Firdaus
Exam in session, with honored guest Renshi George
Sensei Wan explaining some mechanics and details in techniques
Our two karate girls demonstrating the bunkai techniques from their kata
Evaluation and discussion of the students performance
Congratulations to all the students that passed the examinations and continue to pursue greatness in your Karate journey!