Sensei Alan Chong

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Alan Chong

1) How old were you when you started karate?

2) why karate? Not other martial art
I was introduced to shitoryu by my cousin that was also available in college back then.

3) what are you grateful to karate for?
It thought me tolerance, patience and humility. Even when people frown upon me or look down on me, karate has thought me about control of mind, skills and body as in Shin Gi Tai. Mind control is the most important. Mind control brings peace to the world thus why Mind comes first.

4) what did you wish you did differently?
I would not have thought of anything that could be different

5) what is your wish for your students and the future of the dojo/tska
To learn more and appreciate the meaning of budo. Example, students today have no patience or appreciation of kihon or they like to learn many advance katas but do not understand the meaning behind of kata. These are subtle things that brings life and meaning to karate that I felt has been lost.

6) what is your significant moment in karate
I represented college for first inter varsity tournament and won gold medal for the college.

7) what legacy do you want to leave behind
To promote the budo spirit of Karate because Karate is not only about physical prowess or how many katas one knows or about sports karate but the embodiment of the living spirit of a karateka when mind energy can bends the steel.