Sensei Firdaus

Available Dojo : 1


1) How old were you when you started karate?
I started my training in 1996 when I was 14 years old at St John Institution Dojo. During my youth, I was active participating in tournaments. Now I’m taking my passion for karate to the next level. I have opened up a Martial Arts Academy called Kick Start Self Defense in Cyberjaya.

2) Why karate and not other martial arts?
In my journey, I have tried boxing, Muay Thai, Tae Kwan Do and Brazilian Jiujitsu but in the end I still go back to Karate because I believe that Karate is more complete.

3) What are you grateful to Karate for?
It helps build good Karate

4) what did you wish you did differently?
I have no complaints. I cherish all my experience in Karate

5) what is your wish for your students and the future of the dojo/tska
To be good people in the society

6) what is your significant moment in karate
Every single moment in my journey is significant

7) what legacy do you want to leave behind
To contribute by supporting my students to be successful in all areas