Virtual Karate Classes with Kick Start Self Defence

MCO 2.0 has extended again in Malaysia. Total number of new Covid 19 cases today is 4571 (Feb 4th). Everyone is praying and hoping for the situation to improve. Responding to the increase number of cases, the government has strict ruling for not allowing sports and recreational centre including Karate dojos to operate.

Before the second lock down, my dojo was gaining a good momentum when the government allowed sports and martial arts activities to reopen with SOP in place. Students from kids to adults came to my dojo with the ambition to learn Karate for fitness and self defense. I also had a 4th Dan Shotokan Karateka who stopped for almost 10 years and would like to reignite again with her passion in Karate. Unfortunately, when the media published news on the spike of Corona cases in the second week of January 21, the government has enforced the second lock down.

The lock down has not only affected the economy, but also the mental health of the people. Many people are depressed. Motivation and morale went downhill.

To help boost motivation for my students, I have decided to go digital. The Virtual Karate class that I am conducting for 4 times a week is to train students for 1 hour in each session. Just like the physical class, my session is divided to warm ups, Kihon, Kumite, Kata, Strength and Conditioning and warm down.

Of course, virtual karate training has some limitations compared to physical class. However, students can still benefit by having some training compared to no training. My students can still follow the instructions, apply the techniques and exercise at the same time. Most importantly the training helps to support and motivate each other during this challenging moment.

If you are interested to join my Virtual Karate Class feel free to contact my mobile number at 012-3038204, email at or message me on Facebook or Instagram @kickstartselfdefense. Below is the digital advertisement I have run in social media to promote Virtual Karate Class. Let’s adjust ourselves to the new norm and train together.

Here is the link for the Instagram page