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 Founder and Life President of TSKA



Firstly, one must acknowledge that KARATE is an art of self Defense. I find that there are students who join karate classes nowadays but are not told of the importance in this matter by their instructors.

Discipline, Techniques and Understandings are the basic points in training. I use the form of Traditional because Karate originated in Japan more than 100 years ago. Mind, Techniques and the Body ( Shin-Gi-Tai) are the basic elements in coordinating oneself for the pursue of higher understanding not only in Karatedo but in the daily life as well.

Okinawa was the birthplace of Karate and the Karate training tradition is still very much in place. Compared to mainland Japan when more emphasis is given to Karate as Sports, power and money have diluted the essence of Karatedo. If one were to compare the trainings in traditional Okinawa and Sports training , the vast difference will be that of an adult and a young child.

I started training ShitoRyu karatedo more than 50 years ago. I have been President of Asia Pacific ShitoRyu Karatedo Federation (APSKF) for 2 terms of which the organization have more than 25 country affiliated members. My position as Vice Chairman of Technical Committee in World ShitoRyu Karatedo Federation ( WSKF) whilst holding an official 8th Dan speaks of the responsibility that I have. My vast experience in conducting seminars and upgrading for overseas members have been very satisfying in my life as a Karatedo practitioner.

TSKA was registered with the Commissioner of Sports in Malaysia on 13th September 2005 and I was the first proud Malaysian who published a book on ShitoRyu Karatedo in September 2006 under ISBN 983-4324308.

I am glad that the instructors in TSKA take pride in our organization to conduct the trainings in tradition of self defense as well as sports in order to cater for all who are interested in this martial art .

Whether it is for health, sports or self defense , the ultimate objective is to create awareness in our training to mold one into a disciplined and respected human being.

President of TSKA

Wan Ozairi

Wan Ozairi - President of TSKA

Welcome to TSKA’s official website and thank you for visiting.

I would like to take this opportunity to share a brief introduction about our association and more details are available as you continue to browse on the click options.

Established in 2005, Traditional Shitokai Karate Do Association or TSKA practices the Shitoryu style by focusing on traditional karate values such as discipline, perseverance and respect. Our objective is to promote the development of karate as it continues to evolve.

Registered with the Commissioner of Sports, we currenty have more than 50 black belts who either are active or non active, and our dojos/ training centers are primarily within the Klang Valley area.

Though we are not the oldest karate association to date in Malaysia, but we are well connected. We are affiliated to the Asia Pacific Shitoryu through the Malaysian Union of Shitoryu Karate Do and recognized by the World Shitoryu Karate Federation. The connection allows us to participate and involve in local and international events which is beneficial for our members.

We also would like to hear from you should you want to know more about TSKA. The website is one platform you are able to engage with us and you also have the option to go to our FB page

Social media is rapidly influencing our way of engagement and TSKA feels that its important to stay connected with more contents sharing to the karate enthusiast.

Finally, we hope that you are able to find our website useful and navigate to your purpose. As a representative of TSKA, I encourage you to join our training. It’s never too late to start learning or coming back from a long hiatus.



Traditional Shito-Kai Karate Do (T.S.K.A.) was born out of the passion of preserving the essence and spirit of Karate Do also known as the spirit of Budo.

Karate is not only about sports competition but it is about building a healthy body, a mean of self-defence and more importantly cultivating the virtues of life such as respecting others, discipline, humbleness, helping others and promoting a harmonious living with the environment.

Based on the teachings of our founder, Sensei Kenwa Mabuni, Shito-Ryu system of Karate emphasises both hard and soft style of Okinawan Karate Do. Hard as in the outer body physique while the Soft focused on the breathing to strengthen the internal Qi or Ki in Japanese language making our training system unique.

Our senseis and senior instructors have more than 30 years of training in Shito-Ryu system and we are closely linked to the headquarters of World Shitoryu Karate Do Federation in Tokyo via Asia Pacific Shitoryu Karate Do Federation and Malaysian Union of Shitoryu Karate Do. Our Instructors are also directly graded and awarded their Black Belts from the world organisation in Tokyo.

Apart from this, we have affiliations dojos (center) all over the region including in Japan and enjoyed frequent visits from other Karate schools around the globe on exchange programs.

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