Sensei Krishnan

Available Dojo : 2


1) How old were you when you started karate?
I was 17years old when i first started to learn karate at University Malaya .

2) why karate?
I got to know karate through my friend and by that time no other martial art is as famous as karate

3) what are you grateful to karate for?
I’m grateful to get to learn karate because it makes me to be a perfect man and as a challeging person in life.

4) what did you wish you did differently?
I think, i teach my students both traditional karate and sports karate at the same time .

5) what is your wish for your students and the future of the dojo/tska
I wish to make tska famous like how it used to be back in 1980’s as mask and I would like to make my students to be the best players and achive more sucess in future.

6) what is your significant moment in karate
My significant moments are
a. 15 years being selangor state coach
b.Dan grading at Japan
c. Being selected to participate in WUKO championship back in 80s

7) what legacy do you want to leave behind
My knowledge and experience to the students.