Sensei Sunny Tan

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Sunny Tan

1. How old were you when you started karate?
19 years old, in 1970 June.

2. Why karate? What other options did you have?
Initially, wanted to join Judo, but found to be to costly, and friend ask me to join karate, at that time we didn’t check what styles so we just join, but no regrets.

3. What are you grateful to karate for?
Karate is not only training in dojo it also helps you in daily life. You do things more confidently, it also reduces stress especially if you focus on training.

4. What is your wish for your students and the future of the dojo?
My only wish for students and future is that what knowledge we have we impart to you and students do their best to follow and keep up the training and spread teachings of karate for everybody. As it is a lifetime art of self defence.